Alot of pfaffing about

A real shame about the cricket yesterday, yet again I was following the cricket around the house, in the kitchen while having tea, then sat in front of the computer listening to TMS. I guess it is typical, we get so close, and then it’s gone!
But William is learning about the wonders of cricket, so my listening is doing some good : )

A little something I have been working on,


So getting back to the title of my post! Yesterday I had a very annoying experience with Pfaff : (

I lost my manual for my machine years ago, and it has always bugged me that I don’t get the full potential out of my machine basically I don’t know how everything actually works! I also needed to take it apart and give it a good clean : )

So I rang the UK ‘customer service’ number to see if I could get some help in tracing a copy, you would think this would be the right place to start, well I was wrong, very wrong!

Firstly I spoke to a lady who answered the phone, I would have like her to have been polite, but rather she was curt and unhelpful, and somehow expected me to know the entire recent history of Pfaff! And the end result was that, no, they couldn’t help me.
In a nutshell Pfaff went bust about 10 years ago, and was bought out by another company, the company that now owns the name and produces sewing machines under that name.

So I asked if there was anyone else who may be able to help me, and she put me through to a man who ‘might’ be able to help me. I recounted the whole story of the lost manual to him, and then he just said no, he couldn’t help me, they don’t print stuff for old machines, especially for machines pre their purchase of the Pfaff name. I can understand that, however I explained that lots of other manufacturers have manual online as PDFs, and he carried on and on about how they didn’t do that, and basically I couldn’t get a copy of my manual.
This may not seem like a great deal, but it was their attitude to me, and to the old Pfaff company stank, and this in turn has turned me off using their ‘new’ products.

(by the way if you have a manual for a Pfaff varimatic 6085 I will happily pay you for a photocopy!)

I’m rambling, so I’ll shut up!

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