is yummy! But we all know that, no I’m talking about a chocolate coloured item,


Another new corsage in the shop, there are now eight new ones in there and all looking lovely. Thanks for the feedback on the way I’m now photographing them, it works so much better, but I will need to borrow Johns camera to take photos of the red ones, as my camera freaks out!

It has been a quiet blogging week as Edward has been off school for a week with tonsillitis, a Strep A infection. I don’t think I can remember him seeming this ill for a long time : ( He was running a temperature of over 100 F for 5 days, and most of that time it was over 102 F : ( But he is on penicillin and that has now taken effect and he is back today which is great for all of us : )

Last night I had my Womens Institute demonstration and it went very well! They were all very nice, and watched and listened, it was a very positive experience. I’m hoping that it may lead to me doing a workshop with them, which would be great as I could then add this to my crafting CV!

I made one piece there and I had made some demo pieces as well, which were very successful I think as they showed the elements you can add to the wool.


I now have a bit more confidence to do this sort of thing with children as well, so another line to look at, I think I’m waffling!
So off to hoover I go!