drawn by William,


and turned into a bag by me,


pretty good match? Last night when I went to find my fabric pencil/pen thingy, of course I couldn’t find it, turned two boxes over trying and gave up. So I went downstairs, went to the blackboard and used a bit of chalk from there, and I think the result is good : )
Though William hasn’t seen it finished yet, so I may be wrong!

It is a present for his cousin who will be eight on Sunday, I’m very pleased with the bag, it has a large pocket inside and has a gusset so he should be able to cram it full of stuff.

William also drew me this,


I think I may try to do this as a bag for him : )

He also gave me this,


I don’t know what it means, what is my rank and skill? Is this like Pokemon cards? I tried to ask him and he looked at me like I was a fool!

Oh well, at least he is happy with it, and it certainly loves producing that sort of thing, stats and info and drawings are certainly his sort of thing.

There won’t be an update to either shop until after half term (next week, I can feel the dread boiling up) as I in the process of making all the bits for new bags, the boring bits, and also making some new felt for corsages. However I will try to put some bits of here for you all to see : )

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