quite cold

it is cold here, last night it dropped to almost -10 C, and today it has probably got to about 2 C! I know there are plenty of you out there who would probably laugh in the face of that, but not me!

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, very much appreciated : )
The last of my pressies arrived today, including this,


now some of you may not be very excited by this, but it is very very exciting for me! I love Inspector Morse, and when I worked in London, I had the honour of being able to supply equipment to the shoots and meet the crew. Getting this is fab, and I can’t wait to watch all 49 and a half hours!

I also got some packaging supplies that I have ordered over the past couple of days.


Very nice red soft twine, and some great buff cardboard labels for me to use from now onwards, I’ve also ordered some more red tissue paper. So now to finish some stuff to be wrapped and sent!