call that snow?

well I for one do not,


and I don’t think the boys were that impressed either!

The weather attempted more snow twice more, but it never really got going, so maybe that was it? Our yearly snowfall!

Thanks for all the fantastic comments about the scones! I’m sure my husband meant on a hot treacle tart of course : ) But Lynsey has to win with her suggestion, well non-suggestion, I think you all understand!

I have to share with you something which happened on New Years Eve, and I keep forgetting to mention it!

I was on the booze run, and ended up in Morrisons which have an excellent Real Ale selection. Well I got the bottles I wanted, and off I went to pay.
The lady in front finished so it was my turn, I had my own bag, ready, waiting, with the woman on the till just looking at me. I looked at her, and wondered if she knew me somehow, but no, oh no.
She said, “can I ask how old you are please?” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point how I did not laugh was incredible, then I had to work out how old I am, stumbled over saying I am 36, then just did a silly grin! She apologised, and then said she had to ask, as I looked so young, and I had very young skin!!!! She obviously did not notice the mound of grey hair sprouting out of the top of my head!

So I had to share that with you, it made my New Year! And anyway, I won’t be 36 for much longer : )