twenty one

today, the shortest day of the year, and William has been reminding us constantly!

I have sold another two corsages on Etsy which is great, and has made me realise that corsages are for life, not just for Christmas!
I have in the past only tended to make them in the lead up to the festive season, but I’m now beginning to work out that people like to wear them all year round, and maybe I could have paler ones for the the springtime.

So that is one thing, another is that we have finally got the tree down from the top of the garden, well John lugged it down, not me!
So after lunch I start the ‘excitement’ of doing the decorations, can you hear the delight in my voice : (

But far more exciting than that is this,


I’m making up some things as presents, and at the same time making up the same bags, but with different linings and designs, what do you think?
I have wanted to do this for ages, but never got round to it, I’m really quite pleased with it.
While I was sewing I was also listening to TMS, which was great. I love sewing while listening to cricket, they go so well together, and this morning we did quite well with some fantastic batting from Pietersen and Flintoff, a real shame they both lost their wickets before the end of play : (

Anyway, the holidays have started, and the peace and joy is so overwhelming………….