so many e’s, and perfectly placed : )

Right, down to business! There is a ‘European’ winner! So that is a European outside of the British Isles, for those of you within these Isles, next week will be your turn!

The numbers went into the randomizer, and out came……………………………. number 7! Which is Christiane!!! So if you could mail me your address, I will get a dusky plum corsage out to you : )

Today I got some goodies in the post! I received my Back-Tack swap!!

My partner is Amanda, and my oh my she is wonderful!

Can you believe all that, and see what it contains!!!

Lovely linens, fantastic Burts Bees stuff, great magazine, and the most fantastic long glove/mittens/no fingers things, what do you call them, well whatever you do, they are truly splendid, and I’m forever in your debt!
I really hope you like what I have sent you, because I really don’t feel very worthy at the moment!!

Anyway, enough of that, enjoy, and more tomorrow!!