5, 6, 7, 8

I hadn’t forgotten, but with everything else, well things sort of slip through your fingers!

So here we are a few days later than I had planned, the last Christmas selling event has been and gone, my book in our book group, and today I finally sent my back-tack!

So sorry Amanda that it left a week late, but it is on it’s way! Hooray!!!

So now, I sit, and think what shall I do now, well I now have to make Christmas presents for people I will see in the flesh : ) You know what I mean!

This past weekend has been blooming cold,

and so yesterday the fire was lit at 11am! Which is quite early really, but very nice, and all the boys of the house sat playing games in their pjs in front of it : )
I guess because of the weather and the fire it suddenly felt much more like Christmas is almost here, and that is too scary to even think about!!

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, and I think for the first time ever I have failed to get John a present, so tomorrow during the day I must find something, ideas?