I’m going to attempt to blog for every day of the Advent! And, I’m going to be doing a giveaway every week before Christmas, I shall explain more in a moment : )

Last Friday I had my last proper fair of the year, at Williams school.

I did this not only to actually sell some bits, but also to show off what I do, as I imagine that most of the parents had not a clue what I do, or even who I am really! So that was a good experience, sold some stuff and showed off my skills : )

Saturday was Williams birthday, and he had a lovely day, and was very happy, but very tired and a bit scary by the end of the day, but overall a great success!

Right, giveaway time!!!

Now if you go to my Etsy shop you will see that I have listed the last posting dates, and quite conveniently there is one every week leading up to Christmas, well sort of!

to Australia and rest of the world – 5th December

to USA and Canada – 10th December

to rest of Europe – 12th December

to UK and Channel Islands – 20th December

So you see what I mean, lets get to the point!!

So what I’m going to do is offer a corsage as a little gift to someone from that area in the post prior to the last posting date for that area, does that make sense?

So for example this Friday is the last posting date for Australia and the rest of the world, so on Thursdays post leave a comment if you live in that part of the world to get a chance of choosing a corsage form my shop as your little gift!

I think I’m making sense, if not, just yell at me!