little gingham bag

I meant to do this yesterday, but ‘Lost’ got in the way!! So here is the blog report on my latest creation!


As the light was so poor yesterday I went outside and hung it up on my Acer which is looking good don’t you think! A-ha, the bag you say, yes the bag!

It is made from lovely red and white gingham, with a coffee colour linen lining.


Then on the front it has a felt heart, I guess it is a bit ‘shaker’ styley? But I like it, and I hope it will sell at the craft fair I will be doing in about 10 days.

I have another one to make, but it will be the opposite, so linen on the outside, gingham lining it instead. I should be able to do this over the next couple of days, as it shouldn’t take to long.

I made some felt up tonight to use to make some brooches, I now realise that I overpriced some of my stuff for Hampshire Artists, especially these ones.


I think now, that £5 was too much for these each, so I will be selling them from now onwards for £3.50. The other brooches I made will continue to be £5 as they are quite complicated, and they are quite obviously so. Not that I’m trying to explain myself, but I need to get my pricing right, and I think this is the way to go on these ones.