from me to you

or a giveaway!

For the creative textile course I ran in September I had to make some example mini art/craft quilts, and one of them was this one,

I really like this one a great deal, it was the first one I made, but I also would like someone else to enjoy it as well.
I did think about selling it, but there is one place on the back where the bias binding is not quite as I would like, and I only sell items that I think are perfect, so would you like to what is a ‘second’ I guess!
Ha ha, no really it isn’t awful, one bit didn’t get caught under as it should have done, but the piece is completely held together.

It measures 10″ x 12″ and has a hanging system on the back.

So are you interested? If you would like to enter the lucky dip, please leave a comment, this will be open until this Thursday (30th) at midnight (GMT)!!