some more trees

yep, more trees, I like trees, and I guess at this time of year I’m even more inspired by them,

there are three of these, orange, red/brown and green, and I’m adding some patterned pieces to them as well, I’m very pleased with them so far, they are certainly a progression of some of my previous designs.
It is hard, because I have wanted to do some old designs again, but when I look at them, they don’t sit quite right with what I’m doing now, so I guess these are new, but inspired by the past as well.

so I’m trying to actually do some bags now, shocking I know, also have my suede and tweed to work with, so when I have something on that I will show you a peep : )

This week at school has been good for William, not so hot for Edward, but hey, you can’t have everything!

Also course is going well, and some more photos next week showing off some of my ‘students’ work! I’ve been really impressed by what they have all achieved, it is fantastic seeing how other people view what they are doing, how they create and compose it, it has been a real eye-opener : )