I guess with September here, back to school, and mornings like this,

it really does feel like it!

The start of Autumn also means the busiest time of the year for me, hopefully! And it started last Thursday, when I started teaching my Creative Textiles course : )

It is a six week course, the first three weeks are based around felt making, and the second three weeks around making an art/craft quilt. I’m teaching two sessions, one in the morning, and an evening one. I was really quite worn out after the second session, now in hindsight I think that may have something to do with the heavy cold I have had all weekend, which has really knocked me out : (

So the first week was making a piece of felt, and so I demoed, and then everyone got to have a go, I have 15 ladies doing it over the two sessions. It was excellent, I was so worried that I would not explain it well enough, or they would be confused by the process, but everyone was fine, even though some were worried about the process!

The point I’m making about running this course is that it is fun, and that not everything has to be perfect, and to enjoy yourself is far more important : )

So next week we will be working on another piece of felt, and working in other fibres, and developing the skills they learnt in the first session, I will remember to take more photos during the next one!

John has been working on more printing ideas for me to use, and this is the latest one,

It is really lovely, and this time it is a repeating pattern, so we will be trying to make that work very soon!

Regarding updates to the shop, I’m going to try and add a couple of things per week, but I’m also having to produce more stock for the fairs I have coming up, so if you see something on here that doesn’t appear in the either of the shops, then please drop me a mail!

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has commented of the cervical erosion post, I wrote it because I wanted people to know about what it is, and that you should always get something checked out even if you are scared : ) Even if only one person is helped by it, I will feel that I did the right thing. Thanks again.