printing, flowers and storage

I haven’t done many posts recently, due to the boys, doing stuff, you know what I mean, so yet again I have some catching up to do!

I wanted to explain a bit more about the fabric that we printed on the cushions which are now in the shop, but John has written such an excellent post on his blog, I think you should go read all about it there!

Last night I went to Ikea, I can hear you all muttering ‘is she mad!?!’, well no!
I sold the wardrobe that was in their room because it really wasn’t suitable, so now they have this,

Which is excellent storage, more about Trofast here, and they already have it for their toys, so these boxes need to be filled, and labeled, before school starts, so that is why I had to go last night!

This past week John has had the week off, so we have been quite busy, Marwell, cinema, Intech and Hilliers Gardens, where I took these,

Even though it was overcast, it was really lovely, and lovely to see so many of the flowers in bloom.

I’m going to be updating the shop a bit later today with the pieces of felt art I have worked on recently, here are the three,

They will be in my Etsy shop at about 8pm BST!