when I started writing my blog, my main interest and focus was creating felt art, and over the past year I have not done so much of that. I have still made felt to make my corsages from, but no more than that really.

Recently a friend of mine, who has been quite unwell, was saying how much she likes my work, and how she liked seeing it in another persons house. Also shockingly I discovered that she doesn’t own any art, so I made her a piece, and I really enjoyed it. When I gave the piece to her yesterday it was so nice, to feel that someone else appreciates the skills I have.
Now I know that there are plenty of people who do appreciate my skills, but it is nice to be reminded sometimes!

So this has encouraged me, and after looking at all my work, to create some new pieces to sell on Etsy.

I have produced three, all based on the theme of stormy seas, and this is one,

I will be selling them framed, and the frames can be wall hung or sat on a table.

I will be putting these on Etsy within the next few days, I also have some other stuff to list as well, but I will save them for another day : )