could I have come up with a duller title? Hmm probably not, but the table in question is not dull, well not to me, woohoo, I have a handmade extension table for my sewing machine!


isn’t it fab! My father in law made for me as I can’t afford a perspex one that they make in the US, and Pfaff don’t seem to make anything for my machine anymore, because mine is a ‘basic’ model and isn’t all singing and all dancing and is over 10 years old, well it might as well not exist!

I’m not complaining, just a little frustrated by it. Maybe when I’m rich I will get a newer model, but this one has done me proud, and it just plain and simple, like me :  )

Nothing else to show really, hectic weekend, and now Easter coming up, I won’t have any new bags for sale until after the Easter weekend, but we will see how it goes. Instead a shot of a dead orchid flower!


I love the depth of colour, and that they almost seem unreal or other worldly, really fab, I hope I can get them all to flower again, or they will have to go home to flower again with my mum!