tiny and little

Thank you all for all the lovely comments that have been left about my new bag designs, I’m really pleased with them, and it is fantastic to get the positive feedback : )

It is very hard to know sometimes what is the right direction to take, but using the feedback I have had recently I feel it is best to give ideas a chance, work them through, and then roll!


Regarding the Gutermann thread, wow, at least it is not just me! Ali, I would love to pootle up the A34! But I do have local stockists who I do support anyway, I think what annoys me about John Lewis is that they are a big company and I feel that they are short changing their very loyal customers.

Also I do not like shop assistants who look at me like

a. I’m a student and don’t have any money,

b. I’m stupid because I could easily use the other make they stock, and lastly

c. I’m wasting their time!

Ok, feel better about that : )

Have lots of new ideas, and these arrived yesterday, and I think I have some ideas of how to use them : )