six bags

are in the shop, but before I bore with my terrible selling abilities, take a peek at this,


see, see thats me there!!! Oh yes, my name, my blog in print, and on the same page as such wonderful blogs as Loobylu, thesmallobject, littlecottonrabbits and mollychicken (though Lyn does have a warning after her blog address about her colourful language!). Oh yes I’m famous, oh I didn’t tell you what book, it is, Making Stuff for Kids.

I only found this out in Borders yesterday, as I knew Laura has one of her funky round felt toys in it, so I thought I would sneak a peek : ) And I started to flick from the back, like you do and there was me, and I squealed, then ran round the shop trying to find John to squeal at him! I am still so excited at this, just so excited, so however chose my name to go in there, thank you!

On to the selling of bags : ) I have listed six tonight, would you adam and eve it!

And here they are!


Some are based on previous designs, and the others, well the sun made me feel all flowery : )

Oh, and lastly, I’ve now sold my 100th item on Etsy, so a big thank you to everyone who has got me there, roll on the next 100!!