I love linen : )

I really do, since summer last year all of my work, except my felt making, has featured linen of one sort or another. I have found a great source of linen in this country, but I have been tempted by Linnet since the first time I saw it, but have always held back!

Until Martine wrote this post, yet again I looked and yearned for this divine linen, tape and thread, but I thought, no you can’t, can’t afford it and what are you going to do with it. But then I discovered they take Paypal, and that was it, I realised yes I could, just a little something!!


So I gave in, I dived into the site, and yes they had what I wanted, towel cloth is how they describe it, and oh my word it is wonderful : ) I have bought two metres of Red Line on off white, this is to make a table runner/cloth for our ‘new’ dining table (we have had it since last May, so not strictly new!) and I’m so pleased with it. It is a real treat to have bought something for me, for us, and to use in our house.

I also bought some plain linen tape, which I want to use to make some tags for my bags.

Etsy went down yesterday for over an hour and freaked everyone out! But I did manage to sell a couple of bags, including a favourite of mine which I thought would never sell, but yay, it has!

Now working on some new ones, quite different to recent bags, more freestyle, and I also want to introduce some of my handmade felt into my bags as well, currently working on ideas : )