some answers..

… and some new totes, but we will come to those in a moment : )

Han Solo or Indy, well it is hard, but I have to go for Han, because he is a scoundrel, and if I hurt my hand I would let him stroke it better : ) I can feel myself swooning!


Ink Stamps, so pleased that you all like my stamps and the end result. I’m really pleased with the results, I took Ali’s recommendation and bought a Versacolour Ink Stamp in Raspberry, and I heated bonded it on with a dry iron, and it’s looking good!

Er, what else, well I sorted out the linings, thank you all for your support, I was so cross at myself for being so stupid, but live and learn, I will always double and triple check now!

So the new totes, well there are five of them, and here are a couple, please go and have a look, and let me know what you think : )