thanks and more wips

A huge thank you to everyone who has left comments recently, you have really helped, I have followed up your sites and ideas, and it has helped.
Also some of you have mentioned that maybe I should make more of the same design, I have done that in the past, and very successfully, so I will making making some more of some of my recent quick sellers, or I guess people could request them, that I guess could be more tricky.

But I have some new designs,


and a variation of one I showed yesterday,


I hope you like what you can see so far : ) I like to photograph them like this, because you can’t see the ragged edges, and the rubbish on my desk!

If you can find Warburtons Hot Cross Bun Loaf, then buy it, it is divine, toasted and with butter, well not in this house : ( But it is wonderful, and I’m totally in love with it!

Also recently the lovely Florence has helped me, so if you have not visited her site, why not, so go there now!

Thanks again for your feedback, keep it coming because at least that way I might produce something you want!