blogs and books

I’m no writer, and I would never pretend to be, but there are some blogs I read that I love the writing style, a higher level, not a higher standard as such, but more than just the day to day life of motherhood/crafting/art/etc : )

So recently for our book group we read a book, that had originally stemmed from a blog, a UK based one. It was not unfortunately Blood, Sweat and Tea, by the great Tom Reynolds, I’m not going to say which one, because I do not want to offend anyone really, and I don’t want to get into a slagging match with anyone.

So, getting to the point! It was rubbish, but this blogger had been told that they were a ‘writer’ and from that this book was born, and I so wish they had never been told that! There are 10 in our group, and we have been going for almost 4 years, so we have read quite a lot of books! We have always seen something positive in all the books we have read, however this one really had nothing good to come from it, and none of us had any empathy with the narrator, bit of a problem really!

The main problem was the writing, it was flat, repetitive, and in places overly flowery, also the narrator was very ‘me,me,me, now ok, it was about them, but there is only so much you can take!

So what I’m saying I guess is this, I’m no writer, I make things with my hands, see designs in my head and like to do a blog, but I’m no author!


This lovely print on my wall is by Francesca, and you can find her Etsy shop here. I love this print, everytime I look at it it makes me smile : )

If you came here for something sewing related, well don’t have much tonight, no sewing done today, just ironing of pieces, and pinning, I hope to have something to show you tomorrow!

ps if you want to know what book I’m moaning about, if you mail me I’ll tell you, but remember I warned you, if I offend you!!!!