blooming light!

Well another photography day lost to the weather, pah, so I ‘hope’ that tomorrow will be better at some point, arghhhhhh.

But instead of that, I give you this instead,


Yes indeed, more fat quarter yummyness! More Freespirit, this time from the Flea Market Fancy range, the Fleurish range and also the Freckles range. Ooooooo they are all lovely, and I have to say they feel so nice, fantastic quality, why is it that the majority of fat quarters that I see in this country, I admit they are not proper quilting shops, but they just don’t feel so good?

So fabric, mmmm and now what I had last night,


Oh yes, lovely Flapjack and a cup of tea in my favourite mug : ) Now this flapjack is the best I have ever tasted! Yes, it’s true I could have scoffed the lot but I didn’t, I made it last two whole days, and on 4 occasions, John munched his down twice as fast!!

I bought it from the Farmers Market in Winchester, from this lady. And I now wish I had bought more, but it would just end up on my bum and hips : ( We also bought some lovely duck eggs, aubergines, peppers and beer! The beer buying was strange, not the beer, that was wonderful, but trying at real ale at 10am is slightly strange!!

Better light tomorrow, lets hope!