more stuff : )

A couple of things, well 3 or 4 depending on how you look at it, I have put three bags up on Etsy, and I will answer the question about the Etsy Treasury : )

Ok, bags first,


This is a great bag, very pleased I have it cut out and ready to make for about 2 weeks and I’ve been as keen as cheese to get on with it! It is made from a linen/cotton mix, and is lined with the same fabric. It does have a button tag, like all my big bags do, but this one also has a detachable corsage!! Yay!! Now it is $35 on Etsy, but I think it is good value, and would make an excellent present for someone!

The other two bags are listed together,


I don’t think there is much to say about these, other than I have other made eight of these, so you will be getting a limited edition bag : )

Ok, the last thing, Carolyn wanted to know about Etsy Treasury, well basically it is a list that users of Etsy can generate from items listed on Etsy. I have another one at the moment, and it features UK sellers only, and it really is a great way to discover new things on there, this is the link to mine, and if you just want to look generally at them, go to the Etsy homepage and follow the link from the left hand side : )