the sun has gone again!

I just wish we could have a bit more sun at the moment : (

Yesterday while in the car with the sun streaming in, William said ‘it is a nice sunny day’ and he was right, so very right, and I don’t think I can bear the whole summer holiday to be one sunny day a week, I will go mad!!!

However, I will stop whinging, as there are a great many people who are having a blooming awful time of it at them moment, and I’m glad we no longer live near the Thames!

Ok, I will get there eventually, a big thank you to Julie who bought one of my bags to give to her daughter, I really hope she likes it,


It was one of these : ) Now tonight while watching Heroes, at last! I have cut the last of this fabric up, and I have enough to make another three of these bags. Now they are little, they are about 7″ by 6″ and they are unlined. These will be selling at £6.50 each, if you are interested, please leave a comment or mail me. They will all end up on Etsy otherwise.

Unless I can find more of this fabric, which in a way I want to, but in another I don’t, they will only have been 8 of these bags made, and they are all different in their own way.

There was other stuff I was going to write about, but I cannot remember now, pah!

I have remembered!

If you are near Winchester before this coming Sunday you must to the Contemporary Art, Craft & Design Fair, really wonderful work there, and very reasonably priced, go see!