presents for teachers

I know quite a few teachers, both working in the profession, taking a break from it and retired, and I know that Christmas and the end of the academic year can mean horrible presents and trinkets! So I have always tried to give presents that are unique and more thoughtful, and more importantly things that can be used or worn.

Previous years I have given my sister in laws jewellery, and last Christmas I gave some of my corsages. Corsages were a consideration again this year, but I thought, only just given some, and they can be a bit wintery, so what have I been making lots of?


Yep, bags!!!

Here are the detail shots : )


I have tried to keep them in line with my current designs, so a linen base with nice cotton stitched on top,


They are all fully lined,


The all have the button detailing,


I think the red fern one is my favorite : ) I would use it all the time, and I hope they will all use them.

Some boring info on them, they are all the same, they measure 10.5″ across by 13.5″ deep with no gusset, and the handles are 24.5″ long, so suitable for carrying in your hand, or over the shoulder.

If anyone would be interested in one of these for themselves, drop me an e-mail, the only one I can’t do is the two blue flower one, as I don’t have enough fabric to line another bag. I guess a bag like one of these would be about £12. Anyhow, enough of that, and what are you giving to your children’s teachers?