new ideas for little bags

Getting together some ideas for 2 bags I’m going to be making, they are both for little girls, but I want to try some stuff out as I’m not selling them, they are going to be presents.
So I’ve been going through Flickr and some of my favourites, and I like this, ooo and this, and another linen bag, lovely and simple, and these which are wonderful.

I have a design in mind, I’m going to make small gusseted bags, and then embellish them, I’m going to use linen as the base, and I want to include a small inside pocket within the lining, these girls better appreciate this!!! No I don’t mean that, what I mean is, it’s not often I get the chance to try something out on an item which hasn’t been specified, or isn’t for sale generally.

My main thing about these bags is the outside, the decoration, the trim etc. I’m going to use their first name initials somewhere on each bag, recently I have been inspired by Manda and her wonderful quilting, I don’t want this to sound bad, but they look almost random not at all traditional in my mind, and Syko is blowing my mind with her amazing quilting and embroidery, wonderful work.

There is so much more I love around and about, that trying to pin that all down in one design in my head is very hard! I may have to draw something – argh!

So I will try to give you more ideas, and glimpses, though I’ve just realised there are no eye-candy photos here! Sorry!