I have made my first piece of Shibori felt! Yay!


I think you can see what I’ve done, well ok, maybe not! I have to admit, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and then I had extra inspiration from Feltbug, I love her work, and I thought, this is it, I must do this : ) So I found a piece of felt I’ve had sitting around for a while, got the childrens marbles and some elastic bands and off I went.


I stuck it in a pillowcase and sealed the end with a clip, put it in the machine at 30 degrees with a pair of jeans and ended up with this. I’m really pleased with how it has kept its shape, as on all of these photos I have removed the marbles, I just want to touch it.


I would like to make another piece, using a natural coloured piece of felt, and mix it up a bit by putting the marbles of both sides, so I would like to try that soon.

I have other more boring things to write about, maybe later : )