a little bit more

made a couple more purses yesterday, even though I feel like pants, rotten head cold! These are really small again, 4″ zip, and padded, so very cute, I think!

unless I keep making my work won’t improve, so I’m going to try to be less distracted and more focused….

I always find it easier in the spring to get going, and this activity remains until Christmas, I now have to accept that between Christmas and the start of April my brain doesn’t work very well, let alone be creative!

These purses will be available to buy from next weekend at Tweseldown Artisan Market, and as they are currently a limited item, they may end up on Etsy! What a shocker that would be!

Going to try and make some new tote bags today, and also finally use some of the fabric John got printed for me, so hopefully something else to show off soon!