It is so nice to make something special even if it is a variation on a theme, always a pleasure to do so, but yesterday I was under a bit of a deadline! Though some would say I do my best work when under those situations!

The special present this time was an iPad zipped case,

it is based on the ones I sell on Not on the High Street, for this one I went for blue and natural, and circles rather than leaves,

it also has two vintage engraved mother of pearl buttons I had been saving for a special occasion : )

I hope she likes it : )

Yesterday was a day of nice supplies arriving, which to be honest has been reasonably rare recently, so it was a lovely treat!

In the post this,

and this arrived,

The stack are for a top secret project, which is exciting but nerve wracking, as I can’t screw it up! The bottom one, well I don’t know what it is for yet, I just like it : )

All the fabric came from The Eternal Maker, and arrived really quickly, would definitely recommend them.

And via Record Store Day, these arrived!

Now you are trying to work out the connection, well John went to Rough Trade East for Record Store Day, which is off Brick Lane, and Labour & Wait, where the string comes from, are on a street off the top of Brick Lane, hooray!

So lots of goodies, and making special things! This week, I’ve got to be making some new stuff for my first visit to an event in Guildford, the Guildford Craftacular! It is next Saturday between 10am and 5pm at St Marys Church in Guildford. Please come along, it is going to be great to take part at a thriving event, and new customers!!