Open Studios

4 months since I last posted, 4 months sometimes feels like yesterday, and other days, like an eternity.

The reason I haven’t blogged are many, time, the right mood, the right photo, no sewing, too tired. But here I sit writing this before 6am, surrounded by piles of sewing, and some new photos and it does feel right, except my eyes don’t feel that they should be used this early in the morning.

For the third year I’m doing Hampshire Open Studios, and again at Penny’s ceramic studio, which is a very enjoyable experience, set up, come home, go back, demo wet felting, come back home. We are open again, on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th between 10am and 5pm.

Very pleased with how my set up looks, and especially the new zipped purses I have been working on,

If you can, come down and see us, we also have mosaics and sculpture too, and it is all so lovely to see, and to be able to talk to all the makers, as we are all taking turns to demo and talk to people about our work, I’m there on Saturday.

I have more purses to finish, different sizes and colours, but I love the shape and style, the combination of textures, they make me feel passionate about making stuff again, and I guess that is why I’m here on the blog sharing it with you. I also have some new ideas and designs in my head, need to get them out of my head before they get lost again.

Other than Handmade (more about that another time), alot of the stuff which has been going on in our lives does not always feel that positive, but when I’m creating pieces like these purses it all seems to dissolve and disappear for a time, I think we all need that sometimes, and I’m certainly looking for a bit more of that now.

I want to blog more, and maybe if I can carry on being creative I will manage to do that too. Fingers crossed x

(ps the purses that are not sold, will get on Etsy, I promise!)