I’m glad I didn’t start this earlier, or am I?

Today has not been a great work day, both ‘proper’ work, and raspberry work.

Was at work until 3pm, not great atmosphere, have staff party on Friday, looking forward to it like a hole in the head, everyone is miserable, and it’s raining, and where we work it leaks, the carpark is muddy, so yes, just whining, I guess that is what people do, but I know I shouldn’t, I have a job, lots of people don’t, so lets shut up now!

Right onto sewing, creating, all that jazz! I’ve been on a roll recently, really pleased with what I’m producing and creating, I feel that it is some of my best work, however this is tempered by the fact that nothing is really selling, and I’m beginning to wonder if the work I’m creating is all for nothing?

So today this has added to my other work stew, and I have sat and felt sorry for myself.

I’m now trying to snap out of it, having cup of tea, on the sofa, writing this and watching John play Mass Effect 2, which I keep jumping at, I’m not really that timid! So it has taken 7 hours, but I feel better, but still worried about selling me stuff.

I’ll show you another design I have been working on,

all feedback is gratefully received : ) Thanks for listening!