today, at last the Ofsted report for the school the county wanted Edward to go to, has become available to view online.
At the time we had the tribunal we already knew that Mark Way School had had an Ofsted, and that the Headteacher had ‘retired’ with immediate effect. At the time we knew that something must have gone wrong, and we felt vindicated by our fight to get him to a different school, a lovely school. Now we have our ‘proof‘!

You can read it if you want, but in a nutshell, the school is now under Special Measures, what I had expected : (
I’m now more angry at the ‘experts’ from the county who sat at our tribunal and stated that it was a wonderful school, and would suit Edward well, how I feel for the parents of children who have just started there : (
We knew 2 years ago, when we first visited, that is was not the place for him, and that a school that had all its doors locked, and seemed to contain ‘cells’, well there was no way that he would suffer that.
This Ofsted report feels like closure now, we know that we have done everything and that we made the right decision, when so many people in the county were trying to talk us down and out!

So there we go, onwards, and upwards! More proof ahead, but now about colours!
The lovely colours just a bit further up include the lovely wool felt I bought from Manda’s Etsy shop, they are lush, and they look great with the corduroy, which has been waiting for such a great combination to work with : )

and that is a little snippet of another all new design, very pleased with it, blues and dark browns go so well together, I have problems putting any other colour now with the chocolate brown linen I use!
Proof if it were needed that some things just work so well together you can’t separate them!