I have thought long and hard on new brooch/corsage ideas and have found it hard to come up with something different yet similar, interesting but not overwhelming, and finally simple yet pleasing, and now I’m happy with it.

I still have another six to make up in various different colours, and when they are all made, they will get listed somewhere, Etsy or NOTHS. I had wanted to get them done in time for Mothers Day, hahahahah, er yes, not much chance of that really.

Very busy here, lots of work at the farm, lots of stuff for Handm@de Winchester, and lots of stuff for Edward and school, this week he is seeing a Speech and Language Therapist, as he uses inappropriate language, and I would really like someone to explain what that really means!

Got carried away earlier and left a comment on the BBC news website about school places, oh well!

Also I seem to have become re-born to listen to music and see live music, couple of weeks ago we saw White Rabbits and Spoon, they were amazing, write-up here by my lovely one, and over the next few months I will be going to see Why?, Band of Horses, Built to Spill and I will be going to see Pavement at ATP in May, whooooooooo! Seeing Spoon made me feel like a teenager again, first time I have seen a band live since my teens that I have know all the songs! It was great!!

Hopefully more sewing soon, getting lighter in the evenings, makes me feel better : )