paper cuts

not the sort that makes you wince in pain, how could such a tiny cut hurt so much, but the sort like this,

how much do I love this! I got the same Rob Ryan papercut print in this version for John for Valentines Day : ) It is as much for me as him, as I love it so much, and will probably frame it and keep it, only way I’ll afford one of his! As the screenprint version shown above is $470 in his Etsy shop!

Another papercut artist on Etsy who I love her dark and wonderful imagination is Elsita, her work is stunning,

There is something so theatrical about this art form which I love, maybe one day I could get one of her originals……. Anyway I thought I would just do a little post of about some of the things I love, which of course as mentioned include my lovely JB : ) Happy Valentines Day!