funny hands

they feel funny, like a bit shiny, polished even. I don’t know if other wet felters get this, but I guess after spending three hours yesterday felting, and another three today it is understandable that something odd might happen to the palms of my hands!

Well a week off now : ) Today was really good, more visitors, more sales, and it was sunny, so everything looked even better : ) It is lovely being in Penny and Carolines studio, a totally different feeling than being at home, and so much light! Also being with artists/crafters from a different discipline helps too, makes you see things in a different light.

Having said that though I have been looking through some of my Flickr favourites and looking at the fabric pieces in there, and I jst wanted to share a few with you, don’t do enough of this anymore, so this is a bonus post!


this is by Marty Jonas a fibre artist, I love the colour and shape in it, simple and really striking, I do love blues and greens though : )


this is by Jude Hill I love the softness of the colours, the feeling of warmth, even though they are quite cool colours, and her blog is full of her work made from the most lovely fabrics, the way they are put together, tiny pieces is fab!

and lastly,


I really love Cathys work, and would love to get a piece of her work, soon, maybe Christmas (you reading this John!). Have a look at her blog and her Flickr, because there is so much beauty there, I want to be able to touch them, feel them, I know that is wrong, but that is what I would like to do!
She also has an Etsy shop, empty at the moment, but I would say keep an eye on her blog.

So I hope you like them as well, tomorrow, well it is another day, and another bag, a commission, so fingers crossed!!