it’s late, but nevermind!

At last I’m here, and it is still Wednesday! Hurrah!

As I have another craft fair on Saturday I have been working on stuff for that, but not very well, below are some of the fruits of my labour.




I also need to make some needlebooks, and I’ve made a trial run of another item, which I should be able to photograph tomorrow. I don’t like taking photos in the evening, it feels unnatural!

Ok, all of you have left me great comments, and I shall now try to answer some of them!

Julie, Edwards leg is on the mend, and he is now allowed to walk with a boot on the cast, he is however disappointed that he will be unable to carry on lording it up in his wheelchair! For the first time ever he asked (!!!!!) to go into town last Saturday!!! Now for edward that is shocking, due to his Aspergers he hates crowds and excessive noise, so a busy town centre on a Saturday is his nightmare. But, he was in his wheelchair and so got high quality service and people jumping out the way to avoid him! He also really enjoyed the phrase ‘Mummy, can you get me that, I can’t see it properly’, as you can imagine it became a bit wearing for both of us. But I’m proud of him, he managed almost three hours and was very good!

Herhimnbryn, your corsage is on its way to sunny Australia, I hope you like it!

Lyn, thanks for the comments on the scooters and the letters, both are noted and appreciated!

Deborah, many thanks for your lovely comments, I will try next week to do a tutorial on the pincushions!

Right, off to make felt now, put the sewing machine away, find the cats, drink my tea, lock up, read my book, and go to bed!