you know..

… when you hype something up, and then it sort of falls flat, well that has happened to me.

Do you remember me going on about five fantastic new adjustable across the body hip bags? I do, I think I went on and on, I won’t bore you by taking you back to a number of posts. So to cut a long story short, basically I made, all lovely, very happy, and took them to Handm@de Winchester.

I sold one, and was all ready to list them after the event, however I was approached by someone who had seen them at Handm@de and wanted to buy three! And then a friend said she would like the last one, so I have none to list!

But I do have this picture!


This is one of the three which have been wrapped ready to send as presents around the country!

So I’m sorry I hyped it up, and then have nothing to show you, I feel a bit of a fraud, so I will try harder next time : )

Still working on teacher pressies : ) I can show you all after Wednesday!