new and blue

I’d just like to say again how much I appreciate all the comments left on the chance to win my peg bag. I guess that sort of thing massages your ego! But enough of that already!

Working on new designs, new linen bags, and something else, which will either grab you, or may not!

But here is a sneak peek from one of the new bags,


Last night was very fraught trying to get the peg bags into the shop, one reason for this is that William has tonsillitis, some children can cope quite well with being unwell, especially if it is not that unusual, William isn’t one of those children : (
I knew yesterday morning that William really wasn’t very well, so we went to the doctors, and yep tonsillitis it is, he is felling a bit better today, but he has been my shadow : )

So I hope to add new bags and ‘something else’ over the weekend, and the peg bags are already in the shop : )

Have a good one!