almost a week

I can’t believe it, I think maybe because I’m using twitter I’m not noticing if I don’t blog as often as I have in the past!


Today I finally finished the six bags I have been working on, the image above is from one of them. I’m especially pleased with that one, it has turned out exactly how I wanted, bit unusual really : )


That’s another one as well : )

Once I had finished them today I was able to work on a new idea, and it has worked out perfectly! So pleased that it has turned out so well, I will be able to photograph it tomorrow and I will upload it here.

Going back to twitter, it is funny looking back at what I have done during the day, the past couple of days include me getting cross at Living etc (still seething about that!), getting my glasses sorted, and eating yukky cottage cheese, and I bought two tubs of the stuff, urgh!

Anyway, I will show the cushion off tomorrow!