I know there was one earlier, but I did say I would do another, and this one is short and sweet too!

I wanted to explain about the ‘Twisted Karaoke’ thing I went to last night.

Now you all know what normal Karaoke is? You know, you stand in from of a screen of some size and type, and sing the words on the screen along to the backing track, simple, yes?

Now, that also keeps you in time, prompts you as such, makes it quite easy, also it you can hear the music, but more importantly, you can hear yourself.

Right, ‘Twisted Karaoke’ well…..

remove the screen with the words on, and replace that with an A4 sheet of paper with the lyrics printed on
remove the prompting
remove the ability to hear yourself
stand in front of a drumset, guitar, bass and keyboards all being played really really well!

Oh yes, ‘Twisted Karaoke’ is singing karaoke with a live band! And last night I witnessed friends singing and looked scared to death, and to cap it off I witnessed husbands of friends dressed up as the village people doing ‘YMCA’!!!!!

It was entertaining in the style of car crash tv, and maybe if I had not been as sober as a judge I might have joined in : ) But maybe that will be the next time!!!

A proper post with visuals tomorrow, I hope : )