term has now really started, both boys are back at school, and William has had a great start to the term, lets hope it can last for at least a week!

But I will not bore you with more children related stories, I think it must get to be quite weary reading about it all the time, but at least it is positive today : ) And to be honest I feel quite positive about it all at the moment.

Right enough already!

Cushion covers, I have made three more!

the top and the bottom ones feature the last two pieces of the fabric we printed, and the middle one is great, I love it, it is so mad. But it does act as a partner to all of the covers I have made, which is the idea behind it!

So I have made all the covers, we are working on more ideas for prints, and so I hope to have some more stuff to show you next week.

But first, I have something else to do which is a bit scary!

From tomorrow, on a Thursday, for six weeks, I’m running a Creative Textiles course!!
I’m going to do teaching a morning and evening session for 90 minutes each session, and I will be teaching 15 lovely ladies how to make felt, and how to make an art/craft quilt!
I will try to write a bit more about it over the next few days, especially the second bit! I now have to sort out all my bits for tomorrow, wish me luck!!