cushion, tweed and thank you

I would like to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on my last post, especially you Hazeljoy, because you have the other side, the school side.

I know lots of people who work, or worked in the teaching profession, my sister works with a diverse range of special needs children, my mother in law worked at a secondary school with children mainly from a rough area of the town, and my dad used to work at a well known public school, so I have a very wide knowledge of what you can expect to receive, and also what can happen, and often does.

We will see what happens on Monday, I will try to keep an open mind, but I know that things will be harder before they improve.

Onto more enjoyable things!

I made the Etsy front page today!


I have used some of that fantastic tweed, and the one dark version of the screen-printed grasses that we printed, I think it works really well : )

I’m now working with the last print of the grasses, and this one was the best print! So rather than being just a corner piece, it will be the main feature, so this will be a cushion cover sometime today.

So there should be a small update to the shop today, or tomorrow, see how small people are!