I seem to be developing a list, a list of things to do, all sewing things as well!

1. top secret, thought that would get you, but it really is!

2. Design and make up some easy to reproduce designs, hmm, a tricky one for me

3. Organise myself for the course I will be running in September, a whole post about this will be coming soon : )

4. Make felt for new corsages

5. Design and make up some across the body bags with closures – arghhhh!

6. Make another knitting bag : )

7. Make at least one more daisy bag for my sister

8. Design and make some more of my standard bags

9. Prepare for We Make Oxford on Sunday 9th November!

10. complete ideas for folding tote and pouch

So not really that much! and the summer holidays start next Thursday, a wedding the following weekend, I mean, what is wrong with me, or is everyone like this?

and lastly I love these by Keri Smith, just fantastic!

Have a lovely Friday!! (ADHD clinic, here we come!!)