linen and silk bag

This has been on my list of things to do for a few weeks, and finally I have started and finished it! A miracle!!!!!

John asked me to make a bag for a birthday present, the lady in question is an extremely talented dressmaker, she makes the most wonderful wedding dresses and couture dresses, so no pressure on me!

I decided that I wanted to stick to an old favourite, but bring in something new and slightly different to the ones I have been producing to sell on Etsy. I used to work with dupion silk in the past, but after having children my fingers got really rough and I found it impossible to work with, and very frustrating too. So I have a pile of silk sitting in a blanket box waiting to be used, and used it has been, well some of!


I wanted to use a sort of patchwork, but funky style, so off I ploughed,


until shockingly, to me at least, I had produced this!


Looks quite good doesn’t it, so I stitched some linen on the top and bottom,


and it’s almost a bag. But, I wanted more, I wanted it to have a bit more to it, a bit more me I guess : ) So I decided to do this,


Between the silk/linen combination and the lining I added some cotton wadding, so the silk feels nicer, and has a bit more substance, and this works really well with the machine embroidery.


I really like it, it is a one off, and hopefully we will give it to her later this week, here hoping she likes it too!!